From Data Chaos to Clarity: Unleash Tableau's Full Potential

Tableau is used by over 100,000 professionals worldwide who want to harness the power of data to gain insights into their businesses and customers. It's easy to use, affordable and can be set up in minutes.
Enables easy and fast creation of visually appealing data
Offers seamless integration with various data sources
Provides real-time analytics and extracts insights from big data
Empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions by actionable insights
Allows for creation of customized dashboards & reports for business needs
Offers robust security features for data protection
Supports a large community of users and resources for troubleshooting
Can be quickly learned and used by non-technical users
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Accelerate Insights by 29% with Tableau

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Get Automated Data Analysis

Tableau can help you automate the analysis of all your data and to create custom views or build your dashboards and reports in seconds.

AI is your Best Partner

Make informed decisions with AI-generated predictions and recommendations and streamline workflows to uncover data secrets.

Act on real-time Insights

With Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud and Tableau, gain quick and actionable insights that can help you optimize business outcomes.

Keep your Data Secure

Achieve visibility and control over your data by securely and reliably making high-quality data accessible wherever needed.

Add-on Tools to Unlock the Full Potential of your Data Analytics


CRM Analytics

Provide customer-facing teams with AI-driven analytics and predictive insights integrated within Salesforce

Revenue Intelligence

Utilize AI-powered insights to drive sales growth and predict revenue outcomes with greater accuracy

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Utilize a centralized and comprehensive view of marketing data to optimize spend and customer value

Data Cloud for Tableau

Deliver meaningful insights at a larger scale, empowering better decision-making and business outcomes
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