Salesforce Data Cloud

Streamline Your Data: Explore Our Exclusive Data Cloud Solutions

At Polar Strategy, we understand the challenges of data silos and fragmented information. As proud partners with Salesforce, we're here to guide you through the revolutionary capabilities of managing and maximizing your data efficiently.

Unleash the Potential of Data Cloud


Centralize Your Enterprise Data

Data Cloud eliminates silos, creating a singular platform where all enterprise data is accessible. It allows for seamless integration of both structured and unstructured data such as PDFs, emails, and transcripts, supported by a robust suite of connectors and advanced integrations from leading data management platforms.


Harness Metadata for Streamlined Operations

Built on a foundational metadata layer, Data Cloud integrates all Salesforce applications and services, enhancing functionality across AI, automation, UI customization, and deeper coding adjustments.


Empower Innovations with AI

Data Cloud leverages generative AI, utilizing your existing data to deliver secure and pertinent outcomes without the need for extensive model training. It also facilitates the integration of external predictive models, enhancing workflows and insights.

Our Data Cloud Offerings

Data Cloud Catalyst (2-4 weeks)

Kickstart your data transformation with our Data Cloud Catalyst. This initial phase involves creating a comprehensive data strategy and AI roadmap tailored to your needs. Expect a detailed data landscape analysis, prioritization of use cases, and actionable insights to leverage your data ecosystem effectively.

Data Cloud Accelerator (6-8 weeks)

Designed for newcomers or those seeking better ROI from Data Cloud, the Accelerator program focuses on setup, configuration, and security. It includes basic integration and de-duplication for up to 10,000 profiles, setting a solid foundation for your data strategy.

Data Cloud Nexus (8-12 weeks)

EThe Nexus phase ensures that your data is not just unified but also actionable. This stage is crucial for activating key use cases, paving the way for streamlined insights and AI-driven innovation.

Achieve Better Customer Experiences

Data Cloud and Marketing Optimization

Integrate Data Cloud with Marketing Cloud to activate customer segments and enhance journey experiences. This comprehensive solution combines the strengths of our Catalyst and Nexus offerings with added focus on Marketing Cloud integration.

Process Automation and Insights

Elevate your data strategy by activating insights and automating processes. This offering extends the capabilities of the Catalyst and Nexus, pushing critical insights directly to teams utilizing Salesforce Core CRM, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

Sales Enablement and Growth

Optimize your sales strategy with Data Cloud by enhancing lead management and customer engagement. Tailor your sales approaches based on detailed customer data and predictive analytics, enabling a more effective and responsive sales process.



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