Company Name: Medusa

Industry: Retail & Distribution

Timeframe: 6 weeks

Implementation Type: Hybrid - New Salesforce Lightning CRM implementation with migration of Classic Salesforce environment and custom API integration.


MEDUSA Distribution successfully built and managed a $100 million business on a custom, in-house developed platform that primarily served as a transactional database, but lacked features for sales reps. Recently, MEDUSA made a strategic acquisition of MJ Arsenal (MJA), which utilized Salesforce Classic as its primary sales tool. To support the now significantly larger sales team and increase sales, MEDUSA recognized the need for a common sales tool that provided access to real-time data.


Polar was brought in to evaluate the strategic needs of MEDUSA Distribution before proposing a new Salesforce CRM Lightning implementation. The focus of the implementation was on ensuring data integrity and developing actionable insights for the sales team. Polar developed a custom REST API to integrate MEDUSA's in-house application with Salesforce to populate customer account data, and configured list views, reports, and dashboards to provide MEDUSA sales reps with data specific to their accounts. Following the successful implementation, MEDUSA's sales team is now able to work more efficiently and collaboratively on a single sales platform, resulting in improved productivity and better collaboration.

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