How AI Innovation will Revolutionize Manufacturing

How AI Innovation will Revolutionize Manufacturing

In today's dynamic business landscape, manufacturers are facing new challenges driven by the changing expectations of millennial and Gen Z consumers. These younger buyers demand instant access to information and engagement through various channels. As a result, 44% of manufacturers are striving to enhance customer satisfaction, while 70% acknowledge that digital innovation is necessary for transformation. To tackle these present day challenges, Salesforce is harnessing the power of AI, data and natural language processing while empowering manufacturers to not just meet but exceed customer expectations. Let's see how:

What can Data Cloud do for your Industry?

Unifying assets and events within the Data Cloud eliminates the need for extensive ETL processes and allows seamless integration of sensor and telemetry data with existing IoT platforms. This not only streamlines data operations but also ensures that organizations can concentrate on relevant data while reducing resource-intensive tasks.

Predict your Revenue to Derive Actions

With AI pre-built around your revenue operations, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your product sales, forecasts, profit margins, and revenue generation strategies. This embedded intelligence empowers you to make data-driven decisions that optimize sales and profitability effortlessly.

Enhanced Agreement Actionability with Einstein GPT

The introduction of LLM models such as  Einstein GPT within Salesforce heralds the launch of the Sales Agreement Advisor, a groundbreaking tool set to elevate productivity to new heights. This innovative tool carefully examines your agreements, identifies problems, and tracks how customers buy. It then delivers essential insights to sales teams, enabling them to better understand challenges and make informed decisions during customer interactions.

Manufacturers, Simplify Data and AI for Your Business with Polar!

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