5 Things you need to know about Einstein Copilot

5 Things you need to know about Einstein Copilot

Salesforce unveiled Einstein Copilot at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco on September 12, 2023. It allows users to ask questions in natural language, regardless of the product they are using. This means that users can get information without having to know how to navigate the software or search for it. If you're curious about this latest addition to Salesforce's AI arsenal, here are five key insights to help you understand its significance:

1. Conversational AI at Your Service

Einstein Copilot introduces a conversational AI assistant that's ready to assist employees and customers alike. It's designed to make tasks more accessible, efficient, and productive by allowing users to interact with it in natural language, simplifying complex processes and reducing the need for extensive product knowledge.

2. Beyond Clicks and Queries

Access information and perform tasks without the hassle of multiple clicks or navigating through menus. With Einstein Copilot, you can ask questions directly in plain language. Whether you're a salesperson looking for account information, a customer service representative handling returns, or a product manager customizing a storefront, Einstein Copilot can find the answers you need quickly and effortlessly.

3. Impacting Customer Touchpoints

What sets Einstein Copilot apart is its ability to cover a wide spectrum of customer touchpoints, including commerce. This versatility allows it to enhance customer interactions and improve employee experiences across various scenarios. By providing valuable assistance at the right moment, it contributes to the overall satisfaction of both customers and employees.

4. Addressing AI Trust Issues

Salesforce acknowledges the concerns surrounding AI trust and transparency. Large language models can sometimes produce incorrect or incomplete outputs, leading to trust gaps. To mitigate these issues, Salesforce is leveraging its Data Cloud and building its own model. Salesforce has also introduced a "trust layer" for added security, governance, and privacy, aiming to boost user confidence when using Einstein Copilot.

5. Beta Testing and Future Availability

Currently, Einstein Copilot is in its beta testing phase, with select customers getting a firsthand experience of its capabilities. While a projected release date has not been provided, it's clear that Salesforce is committed to refining this innovative AI tool. Einstein Trust Layer is expected to be made generally available across the Einstein platform in the coming month, as announced by the company.

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