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SugarCRM ZOOM Integration

Close business faster with face-to-face video or voice meetings.Schedule or start instant video or audio calls with screen sharing right from SugarCRM and track these meetings in Activity History.

The #1 video and web conferencing service for SugarCRM - Zoom helps you build relationships and close business faster.

To learn more about Zoom for video and web conferencing check out https://zoom.us/.

One way sync
From Sugar to zoom
Real Time synchronization prevents the creation of duplicate records into the system. This feature helps users to increase the productivity by not doing the same thing on one customer by different teams.
Launch zoom
meeting from sugarcrm
Our configurable Lead Scoring limit allows you to push the hottest leads to SugarCRM so your sales team can contact them when they are hot.
close deals
with more prospects
When your sales guy is asked to follow up the contact in 30 days. How about he can make the contact a part of 30 days HubSpot campaign from within sugar?
You can count on
polar shield.
Manage Zoom Meetings

This Zoom and Sugar integration makes it possible for you to start and schedule meetings directly within SugarCRM. You can quickly set up Zoom meetings with leads and view your scheduled Zoom meetings. This plugin will also offer rescheduling of your Zoom meeting.


One way sync of meetings with zoom (from SugarCRM to ZOOM).

Scheduling / Updating / Deleting zoom meeting in a single click from SugarCRM.

Launch Zoom meeting from SugarCRM with a single click..

Send Zoom Meeting Info in Email

When a meeting is scheduled, Plugin will send Email to contacts/invitees regarding Meeting information. Email body will consist of content from predefined email template.

Send Rescheduled Email Info in Email

When your Zoom meeting is scheduled, our plugin will send out an email to all contacts/invitees highlighting details of the meeting. Rescheduling email will use a different email template.


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