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Polar Strategy provides an effective solution in the form of SugarCRM based Plugin which is helpful for professionals and entrepreneurs to conduct surveys.

Automate SURVEY
process with follow up email.
Real Time synchronization prevents the creation of duplicate records into the system. This feature helps users to increase the productivity by not doing the same thing on one customer by different teams.
Our configurable Lead Scoring limit allows you to push the hottest leads to SugarCRM so your sales team can contact them when they are hot.
close deals
with more CLIENTS.
When your sales guy is asked to follow up the contact in 30 days. How about he can make the contact a part of 30 days HubSpot campaign from within sugar?
You can count on
polar shield.
How Pulse Works

Know your accounts, customers or employees better by sending them a Survey questionnaire with several important questions; answer to which can affect your business strategies and give you a clear image on how to create a successful forecast strategy. Let your customers tell their preferences and an honest feedback about your services.


Send a specific number of surveys per month.

Auto emails send out once a survey is created.

Customize the type of questions in a survey.

Add/Remove pages and questions.

Save a survey once created to reuse as a template.

Deadline management start and end dates for survey.

Graphical results in real time with summary statistics.


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