The Business of Building: CRM and PandaDoc Integration for Seamless Construction Bidding

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Whether you are a large commercial or mechanical construction firm or grass-roots general contractor, there are many factors that go into the successful business of building.  With the dynamic environment of construction, planning and collaboration are paramount in delivering quality on-time communication throughout the construction project lifecycle. If you are looking to maintain existing customer relationships and manage your workflow from start to finish, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a necessary tool for building lasting relationships.

There are many factors that go in to providing best in class construction services including material delivery, resource allocation, and the delegation of tasks while ensuring that quality and safety standards are prioritized. General contractors and construction firms looking to quickly respond and better position themselves to win bids and provide quotes competitively, can benefit from using a CRM that provides customized tools that track and enable wide-ranging sales lifecycle activity.  

SugarCRM is a highly customizable CRM platform that assists businesses in the construction vertical to benefit from both cloud or on-premise deployments that support revenue line item level opportunity tracking, role-based views, and advanced forecasting. Aside from the ability to view and analyze important data and reporting, SugarCRM provides valuable features also relevant to those out in the field. SugarCRM mobile gives employees’ real-time updates and the ability to track customer job activity, walk-throughs, review important notes, and view all previous jobs won and lost. A recent study reported that companies not utilizing mobile CRM have non-achieved sales quotas as high as 78%. Providing a deeper view into the customer across job functions, allows both internal and external teams to operate as a cohesive unit, better positioned for future opportunities with existing and prospective customers. 

SugarCRM’s open API integrates with a long list of both industry-specific software in the construction space, in addition to external sales and marketing solutions. Construction firms and general contractors have found great success deploying a leading sales enablement platform - PandaDoc. PandaDoc is a document automation software that offers the capability to templatize important documents out of objects in CRM. With Panda Doc integration you can not only track project bids and follow up on activities with customers but streamline your supply chain and improve your supplier relationships. A company can simplify and create process around the acquisition of new suppliers and gain valuable insight into supplier retention and development giving them a competitive advantage. 

There are many benefits to a SugarCRM and PandaDoc integration that give both growing and established construction businesses a creative edge:

  • Seamless one-click proposals
  • Job tracking by trade 
  • Revenue and project reporting by trade
  • Real-time access to project-related documents and notes
  • Visibility and scheduling for available resources 

Construction firms worldwide use CRM tools to deliver a diverse portfolio of services. With an abundant list of features, Polar strategy has been able to deploy SugarCRM and PandaDoc integrations to the construction industry to address some of their most complex challenges. Cannistraro, a safety leader in the field of specialty contracting and ENR Magazine's Top 50 Mechanical Contractors, as well as Boston's Largest Mechanical Contractor according to the Boston Business Journal's "Book of Lists," was able to successfully utilize Polar Strategy’s expertise as a PandaDoc Integration Partner to deploy a SugarCRM and PandaDoc solution to address their needs for project tracking and further support and grow their contracting business. 

SugarCRM and PandaDoc when combined, offer a wide array of features including the  automated assignment of tasks and notifications, customized internal and external processes, centralized email tracking and data across devices, sales and operations history of customers, time tracking and reporting for jobs, notifications, budget and expense commission tracking, customized proposal and presentation templates, and eSignature integration.

In summary, if you are looking to stay ahead of the competition, CRM is no longer an optional solution in today’s business climate. It is a necessary tool to gain strategic insight into the business you are building.

Polar Strategy is valued SugarCRM Partner and PandaDoc Integration Partner.

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Photo by Scott Blake on Unsplash

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