Proactively alert agents about policy changes Gain a complete view of the customer Ensure compliance with industry regulations Access current policy holder information in real time Improve lead generation Automate manual processes

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Non - Profit

Track fund raising campaign effectiveness in real time Expand donor lists Analyze campaign impact Cultivate relationships Engage more volunteers Support online fund raising

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FINANCIAL services

Streamline customer service Comply with federal,state and industry regulations Gain cohesion across front-office, middle-office, and back-office Mitigate risk Leverage Family, Occupation, Recreation and Monetary(FORM) data to enhance relationship building Deliver services across financial product line sectors Streamline customer support

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public sector

Support e-government initiatives Deliver omni-channel experience Offer self-service options Integrate disparate data sources Work with legacy systems Provide industry leading security features

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real estate

Close more deals View up-to-date properly details Manage post sales processing Customize emails Convert more leads Streamline buying and selling processes

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Connect with shoppers via their preferred modality Convert leads to sales Upsell and cross sell more effectively Manage campaigns better Deliver multi-channel support Respond to customer needs faster

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