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SugarCRM Enterprise for Healthcare

Polar Strategy provides its customers with cutting-edge consultative implementation and integration services and support within healthcare networks. By maintaining stringent network and security access control policies, leveraging best of breed industry tools to manage code and deployment, and providing fully segmented and secure US based certified SugarCRM resources, Polar Strategy is a trusted and compliant BAA signatory and SugarCRM integration partner. Leading healthcare organizations have leveraged Polar Strategy’s unique industry experience to support thousands of healthcare professionals and secure patient data throughout the US since 2016. 

In combination with SugarCRM Enterprise (private cloud deployment), AWS HIPAA-eligible services allow healthcare organizations to meet HIPAA requirements for auditing, back-ups, and disaster recovery. Which per Amazon, allows covered entities and their business associates subject to HIPAA to securely process, store, and transmit PHI. Additionally, AWS, as of July 2013, offers a standardized Business Associate Addendum (BAA) for such customers. 

There are many HIPAA-eligible services to choose from on the Amazon Platform. As displayed in Polar Strategy’s SugarCRM HIPAA reference architecture, Polar Strategy has found success for multiple customers using Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancing, Elastic File System and ElasticSearch features. In combination with ElastiCache for Redis and RDS, customers are easily able to not only access and transmit data securely using a SugarCRM interface, but also as previously mentioned, have the added benefit of scalability they grow. This diagram provides a base architecture which can be customized and scaled based on the personalized requirements of the healthcare organization.


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